Apollo's Fire Country Side Concerts 2017

Mediterranean Roots Dolor Sit Amet

Dances & Romances from the Ancient World

June 11 at 7:30 PMDolor Sit Amet

Apollo's Fire is back again with another exciting summer concert!

Brian Kay, plucked instruments, vocals & guest co-director Amanda Powell, soprano vocals & guest co-director Susanna Perry Gilmore, fiddle | Daphna Mor, ney & recorder Tina Bergmann, hammered dulcimer | Dave Morgan, double bass Rex Benincasa, percussion The waters of the Mediterranean carried ancient traders from Spain and Italy to Greece, North Africa and the Middle East. Their songs, dances, love stories and laments went with them. Guest co-directors Amanda Powell and Brian Kay lead a colorful ensemble of exotic winds and percussion, fiddle, and hammered dulcimer in this program celebrating shared multicultural traditions.


Tickets available through Apollo's Fire Box Office. Call 216.320.0012 or visit