Audition Notice


January 6 from 2-4pm
January 7 from 7-9pm

"I think your genius lies in your simplicity—you challenge the imagination."

About the Show

Directed by Mark Cipra
By John Patrick

Mrs. Savage has been left ten million dollars by her husband and wants to make the best use of it, in spite of her grown-up stepchildren’s efforts to get their hands on it. Knowing that the widow’s wealth is now in negotiable securities, and seeing they cannot get hold of the fortune, the stepchildren commit her to a sanatorium hoping to “bring her to her senses.” In the sanatorium Mrs. Savage meets various social misfits, men and women who just cannot adjust themselves to life, people who need the help Mrs. Savage can provide. In getting to know them, she realizes that she will find happiness with them and plans to spend the rest of her life as one of them. But when the doctor tells her there is no reason why she should remain, she hesitates to go out into a hard world where people seem ready to do anything for money. The self-seeking stepchildren are driven to distraction by their vain efforts to browbeat Mrs. Savage, but she preserves her equanimity and leads them on a merry chase. At last her friends conspire to get rid of her stepchildren, and through their simple belief in the justice of her cause, they enable Mrs. Savage to carry out her plans to establish a fund to help others realize their hopes and dreams.

Audition Information

Auditions will be held at The Geauga Lyric Arts Center, 106 Water St, Chardon, OH 44024      

Be prepared to read from the script.

Rehearsal & Performance Information

Rehearsals will begin January 2019

Performances are March 8-24, 2019, Friday & Saturdays at 7:30pm & Sundays at 2:00pm

Roles Available

All roles are open. Ages listed are flexible

Ethel P. Savage: A vigorous, elderly woman, young at heart, witty, and generous.

Her stepchildren:

Titus (40s-60s): He is the eldest step-son of Mrs.Savage. Titus is the least popular senator in congress. He is sober, humorless, and direct. Titus also has a temper that tends to come out most when dealing with his mother.

Lily Belle (40s-50s): The middle step-child, a much-married celebrity heiress. When Lily Belle first met Ethel, she bit her new stepmother's finger and has been just as vicious ever since.

Samuel (40s-50s): The youngest step child of Ethel, Samuel has the distinction of being the judge with the most overturned decisions in the U.S.

The Cloisters's residents and staff:

Hannibal: (20's-40's) A former statistician, who believes he is an excellent violinist.

Florence Williams
: (20's-40's) A dignified woman who carries around a baby doll, believing it to be her deceased son.

Fairy May: (early 20's) Fairy is a compulsive liar who is obsessed with having others love her. She is unkempt throughout the play, but believes herself to be stunningly beautiful. She is also very childlike, behaving and speaking in the tone of a six-year-old.

: (20's-30's) A handsome guy whose plane was shot down in World War II, and thinks the incident left him with a disfiguring scar.

Mrs. Paddy: (40's-50's) Was told once to shut up, and never spoke again, except to rant about the things she hates (everything). She has given up electricity for Lent and turns off all the lights multiple times throughout the play.

Dr. Emmett
(30's-50's): The staff doctor for this wing of The Cloisters, Dr. Emmett is kind, warmhearted, and he works hard to help his patients.

"Willie" Wilhelmina
(20's-30's): Miss Willie is an administrative assistant and nurse, kind and understanding towards all the residents of The Cloisters.