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The Geauga Lyric Theater Guild places a special emphasis on theater and arts education. Our class offerings are based on our mission to build a vibrant community by providing educational programs to people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities. Through our educational programs we promote creative expression and civic engagement.

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We are excited about our new online payment system and hope that it offers more flexibility in class payments. With this change, we have changed the steps necessary to register for a class. Please read the steps below carefully. Questions can be submitted using the form link in the shopping cart.

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Christmas Carol Double Spoof (Musicals) (ages 6-12)FULL

Oct 13-Dec 15

Thurs 4-6PM


Julie Douglass $90 GLTG Family Member
$99 Nonmember

Celebrate the meaning of Christmas with TWO Christmas Carol spoofs (Ebony Scrooge and Humbug!) Told with good humor, easy music and lots of character parts for all! Class will include performance at theater open to public and a visit to local nursing home or senior center.

Performances: Dec 17 (TBD Senior Center); Dec 20 at 7PM (Theater)

Advanced Drama: The Snow Queen (ages 12-18) FULL

Oct 26-Dec 21

Wed 4-6PM


Angela Miloro-Hansen $90 GLTG Family Member
$99 Nonmember

The inspiration for Disney's Frozen, The Snow Queen is based off Anderson's original fairy tale. The Snow Queen casts her icy spell on the world, turning Kay's heart to ice as she whisks him away to her Palace of Ice. Gerda goes to rescue Kay, and the adventure begins! **Students must have taken or performed in a minimum of 3 shows/classes OR contact the instructor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for approval prior to registration.**

Performance: Dec 21 at 7:30PM (Theater)

Advanced Drama: Gulliver's Travels (ages 12-18) FULL 

Sept 20-Nov 15

Tue 4-6PM


Angela Miloro-Hansen $90 GLTG Family Member
$99 Nonmember

Based on Jonathon Swift's classic tales. Four famous voyages, from Lilliput to Brobdingnag to outer space and the comic Yahoos. Meet funny and intense characters and learn some stage combat on the way! **Students must have taken or performed in a minimum of 3 classes or shows OR contact the instructor for approval prior to registration at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note this is a Tuesday class.

Performance: Nov 15 at 7:30PM (Theater)

So You Want To Write A Play? (ages 11-18) FULL

Sept 15-Nov 10

Thurs 4-6PM

Arts Center

Angela Miloro-Hansen
$100 GLTG Family Member
$110 Nonmember

Develop your playwriting skills with the development of your own short one-act play! All students will receive individual workshops and support. The final day will result in a staged reading of 10 minute excerpts of each students' work. All skill levels encouraged.

Staged Readings: Nov 10 at 7PM (Theater)

Jack and the Beanstalk (Musical) (ages 4-7) FULL

Oct 15-Nov 19

Sat 9-10:30AM


Chloe Porter $80 GLTG Family Member
$88 Nonmember

Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the most popular and versatile plays, a charming musicalization of the familiar story of Jack, a beanstalk, a nasty Giant, and a very special goose.

Performances: Nov 19 at 11:30AM (Theater)

Pollyanna: Drama (ages 8-15) FULL

Sept 8-Oct 27

Thurs 4-6:30PM


Lisa-Marie French $107 GLTG Family Member
$117 Nonmember

This is the delightful, classic tale of the greatest optimist of all time. But it is much more than that. It is the story of how a little girl's faith in her father's promise--that you can find something good in everything that happens--guides her steadfastly through circumstances that most adults would find formidable. This dramatic theater script is the tool for 22-30 students to learn or improve the art of theatrical performance. Performers learn or reinforce: theater vocabulary, script reading, character development, diction/projection skills, staging and more.

Performance: Oct 27 at 7PM (Theater)

Backstage Magic I (ages 10-Adult) FULL 

Sept 12-Oct 3

Mon 4-5PM


Lisa-Marie French $40 GLTG Family Member
$44 Nonmember

Have you ever wondered how live theatrical shows run so smoothly? The secret is the combination of backstage crew and technical booth crew supporting the action on the stage. Want to learn how to make backstage magic?  In this beginning course, students learn: theater vocabulary, stage directions, curtain operations, spotlight operations, backstage crew techniques and how to read a script for crew work.


Backstage Magic II (ages 10-Adult) FULL

Oct 10-Oct 31

Mon 4-5PM


Lisa-Marie French $40 GLTG Family Member
$44 Nonmember

Students who have taken the level I course can further their backstage magic knowledge.  In this four week course students expand their vocabulary and learn: light board cue operations, computer sound/media cue operation, body microphone operations, sound board operations and how to read a script for booth work. Students completing this course can join a backstage or tech booth crew for a main stage production.

Technical Sound Design (ages 13-Adult) FULL, CLASS CLOSED

Nov 7-Dec 12

Mon 4:30-6:30PM


Lisa-Marie French $60 GLTG Family Member
$66 Nonmember

Using the Skip Kelley Youth Theater script "Anything Goes," students will learn: how to read a script for sound design, identify the sound needs, import sound effects, create sound effects, edit sound effects and how to build a working sound design. Students will then have the opportunity to see their design in action during the production run of this season's Skip Kelley Youth Theater production opening January 27, 2017.

Note: Nov 7 class will end at 6PM. All other class days will end at 6:30PM.


Affordable voice lessons for musical theater students by Fuller Voice Instruction

Available at GLTG Arts Center on Fridays

For information or to schedule please contact David Fuller directly at 440-477-9317 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

David Fuller has been teaching voice in Geauga county and eastern Cuyahoga counties since 1995. He holds a Master of Music degree in Applied Voice from the Boston Conservatory of Music. He is currently the Coordinator of Liturgical Music for the church of St Anselm and the Director of Music at the Fairmount Center for the Arts. David serves on the " Singing Angels " Arts Advisory Board as well as the board of the Geauga Council for Arts and Culture. 

David has a passion for developing singers. Many of this students have gone on to attend prestigious schools like New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Baldwin Wallace Conservatory, C.C.M. and others. He has had the pleasure of seeing his students appear in musical theater and opera productions in northeast Ohio, New York and cruise entertainment. His students have the opportunity to perform in bi-annual recitals.

David invites you to check out: Fuller Voice Instruction

Click on " success stories " to hear some of his students.